Using the latest x16r algorithm of Masternode

Using x16r algorithm mine POW+MASTERNODE

BopuCoin is an upgraded version of Bitcoin and DashCoin. Popper's business plan is to expand, test and build block chain technology in an open way so as to participate in it. Pop coin uses excellent x16r algorithm, which can effectively resist and prevent ASIC mining machine. The Pop coin is also five times faster than Bitcoin, which increases its trading capacity many times. Welcome more block chain enthusiasts and developers to join us!

Unique Characteristic

  • Using x16r Hash algorithm
  • ASIC Professional miners cannot be mined
  • POW mine + Masternode Award
  • DGW Difficulty adjustment of dark black gravity wave
  • Block size: 2M
  • Total: 220 million,Premine of 9.76 million for old currency exchange and early promotion
  • P2P Port:8018, RPC Port:8017
  • Block time 120 seconds
  • Initially, 80 coins per block, 10% reduction in output per year (262 800 blocks)
  • 51% of miners, 49% of masternodes
Pool2: None
Pool3: None

QQ Group: 942482319